Free diving in shallow waters.

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Free diving in shallow waters.

Post  liquidg on 14th January 2015, 4:56 am

A nice day over all in enclosed waters with 8 to 10 metres vis, 25c water temp and plenty of life to appreciate.
While I take pics and hopefully find something to collect, my wife had fun as she likes to do opening some oysters to bring in heaps of life, which was cool as it brings more ops for pics.
I never collect what she brings!

This is the blue water line as we headed for it that separates the clearer waters coming in with to the lead up to high tide.

Once in the blue water.

Lots of other boats that day.

My wife beat me in and straight into getting the fish to her side.

Lots of jellies from many more eddies these days out off our coast line, also itís due to warmer waters in close and lots of green water-plankton to feed on that causes their numbers to explode, oh and not many of their predators.

Happy moments pigging out on jelly stingers then the body.

One the big bream the wife was feeding.

Heaps of tube worms around.
Orange tube worm

White tube worm

A small akindynos anemone fish

A chunky guntheri and yellow head sleeper

Empty crab shell.

Dark chelmonops, the cool water copper band.

Empty urchin

Juv racoon

A young polka dot barramundi

Juv crispa

A large sea slug.

A cleverly disguised file fish

Colourful juv colours damsel.

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