Pre filtering and sump!

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Pre filtering and sump! Empty Pre filtering and sump!

Post  liquidg on 12th March 2015, 2:19 pm

Guys there are two types of cleanable forms pre filtering, a filter sock/barrier and a sump style, not a sump as in external bio filer, thatís not a sump, its just called one as of say 15 to 20 years back, the sump was where the power head return was sat, not all of that external bio filter. Look up what sump actually is in the following link! The term is as usual with this hobby, misleading and stupid! To get out what will perforate your deep sand beds, live rock and especially your sump, lol, lets call it what it is, external or remote filtration, you need to get all the like plankton shells, cal particles and organic crap to settle somewhere and be rendered harmless! Some use a reservoir and think itís cool, well is pretty good but not quite enough! Try to build a reservoir with a hole so the water has to go through it to the next area, at that hole put a fine micron barrier so that when you turn off the water and the water level drops to be not able to exit that hole any more, you take then that barrier material out and clean and not one tiny particle can pass to the next section due to the water level has dropped and will not flow and all particles fall out of suspension to settle out on the floor, hence ďsettling pre filterĒ. It gets cleaned put back in place the water back on and that next area is perpetually clean, fantastic nitrate reduction and much more is never interfered with and in tens years it is still pristine, but full of life, valuable life!

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