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Post  rrama1 on 22nd March 2015, 9:15 am

today i went for a free dive to collect a fish or two
i was just wondering how do you guys collect your fish, i was using a large fine net but the fish just seemed to be way to fast for me im new to diving what helps and how do you guys do it ?Sad

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Post  mykez on 22nd March 2015, 2:09 pm

First of all you will need to ensure your net has a mesh size greater than 25mm if you are in Queensland to avoid fines. I personally use two hand nets one round and another rectangular, other people prefer only one. Regardless of how many nets you use the trick is to take advantage of the terrain and it's features in order to catch the fish ( this is where having a round and a flat edge net can come in handy ie one will generally sit flush against the shape of the reef better than the other). How you do this depends on the species. In time you will learn how various species behave and how to catch them using the reefscape. Some will take cover quite readily and it's just a matter of hearding them to a spot where they are cornered, others such as dwalf angels will always seem to have back escape route and tend to use the same holes to escape. Sometimes it's a matter of blocking these holes or scaring them into an area outside their usual territory. Others, particularly wrasse and tangs will not usually take cover and will just keep swimming away from you. The trick is to be persistent and come from above. Generally they will eventually duck under a rock which you can place your net in front of before lifting up the side of the rock closest to the net.

Please check over general fishery size, possession and equipment regulations as these apply to aquarium species and collecting also. Marine parks will have further restrictions. What ever you do don't use a "fence net" similar to a drag net that you sit in one spot. Since it is "anchored" and is classified as "commercial fishing equipment" the fine is in excess of $1200 . Good luck on you next collecting adventure!!

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