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Post  Simon51 on 5th April 2015, 7:54 am

Just thought I would post a few pictures of something I made awhile ago, that I use to clean my tank, we all have our own methods, I have a glass bottom tank with a lot of LPS on the bottom and I find it easier to suck stuff up between them like this when I am not doing a water change. Another reason I made this was because I have 2 lepoard wrasse, normall and a red, and they make a mess of there sand area and in spreads threw the tank, this was I can clean in out and put it back in a designated area where I want up the back. There is a screw threw the end of the hose I use to suck the tank because I kept getting old snails or bit of debris stuck in the tube and then it was a long process of takeing it to a tape and unblocking it 10 times. As I said this just something I have come up with to help me get around my own tank problems. If anyone else has something I would love to see what u's use or have come up with...

Construction wise I used a peace of storm water pipe left over on a job site I was on, I seen it at work oneday and the bell end seemed like it could be useful one day, once i got it home it turned out to be the exact same size as the filter socks I use makeing it easier.
A 2$ black oil funnel from super cheap also around the same size
A tube of silicon
Old bucket filled with sand(concerte one day) that is screw from the outisde of the bucket to the water pipe to hold it centerlised and sand to stable once the sock becomes full and top heavy.
Old bit of filter hose
Old 200micron sock, I chopped 2 sections out of either side of the hard plastic ring so I could roll the sock inside out a couple of time to shorten it so it wasn't flat on the inside funnel and then the cut ring fits on the outside of the pipe holding it into place.
Rusty old alligator/welding clip I use for tank stuff to hold the pipe.
I also used some little screws threw the side of the storm water pipe to hold the funnel inside where I wanted it till the silicon cured.

Tank recycler cleaner 5E9AAFCA-7D3B-402E-8DC9-832A00B7B969_zpsnvpdpdx4

Tank recycler cleaner 0ACB3273-E6E6-46D4-8B13-965F22246FFE_zps99bhl0kh

Tank recycler cleaner 84526EFD-94D8-44EF-99A9-FD51D0C8ECE1_zpsm5r4tze1

Tank recycler cleaner E828AFB6-7DF7-4AE5-90F7-B0D702CE1272_zpsavton9iu

Tank recycler cleaner 79F01B5A-367A-4D94-A091-59D4998FA0F0_zpsvf7wwt6y

Tank recycler cleaner 1A4DE323-3F14-46C2-9D97-EB0A6F79A513_zps6gppywde

Tank recycler cleaner 9630AD58-A0F0-4389-8641-11FB774CE0A1_zps2bewzhtd

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