Easter weekend free dives and scuba.

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Easter weekend free dives and scuba.

Post  liquidg on 8th April 2015, 12:34 am

The four of us had all up two free dives and 2 photography scuba dives.
For the first free dive we only had 3 metres vis which dropped to 2 inches before the end of that one as the tide was coming in with open ocean saltwater, the freshwater was too much for the tide and over the top came the freshwater from the massive rains that night.
The fresh water moved out on top as the main tide change came in underneath and there the vis became less then 10 inches.
The other free dive and scuba were in 8 to 5 metres vis, the rains certainly did a number on the salinity and vis over all, many corals and anems were suffering and as with the other times we will loose tons of life to these once unusual rains.

Two pics of the view at a site.

Sea mist

So early on this one that the moon was still up as the sun was rising.


Sunrise clouds

One of the first fish species to great us were a pair of yellow headed sleeper gobies.

A medium volitan

Juvenile imperator

One of many xmas tree worms

Part of a huge hing back shrimp community.

Thor shrimp

cephalopod eggs, what type, time will tell.

Female dragonet

Algae existing very adverse conditions.

Blue tang in coral

Two more in coral, these guys were thumb nail size

Last season ones, these guys were around 3 inches.

A bleached enam of many seen.

lots of lats seen

juv Rhodactis starting up where a few were taken from last time.

Small plate coral feeding, they open up nicely in day light when the water is dirty.

Over all this weekend gave us smooth water but not the sort of vis you would prefer.

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