Magnesium carbonate for reef aquarium dosing.

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Magnesium carbonate for reef aquarium dosing. Empty Magnesium carbonate for reef aquarium dosing.

Post  liquidg on 10th April 2015, 5:01 am

This is something I use to use in the eighties when I was new to reefing!
It all fell down when I couldn’t afford a chiller, so I got out of corals for over15 years from having incredible success with all corals!
Later on there was miracle spring water found in NSW in the 50s originally I think it was and that spring water was a massive success in the early 2000s when I herd of it.
This was all happening in the Monaro region of NSW where people and farm animals were displaying things that were thought to be impossible!
When I herd about this I thought one day when I go back to corals I will reapply the mag that I use due to information back then from a friend of a friend that se to help us analyse many things for reefing who was pharmacist and he was into reefing as well.

Back then, with his help this was about how it is a very soluble form of mag that enters the blood stream and cellular make up of any thing far easier then any other form of mag, this makes it, as they call it, “a miracle” well how it responds once in life forms and how that life form responds it is a miracle you might call it!

Anyway I have been meaning to get more for many years and since I don’t do much collecting any more and I started keeping corals again in 2001, I know talk about slow, lol.
I have been trying to find it at its cheapest half hearted for years, but a little while back I decided to go back to it as I use to use it many years ago, but this time it will be in my RO water for not just the tanks, but for our consumption as well.

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