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Post  liquidg on 8th June 2015, 12:41 am

This site is close to the best dive site in SEQ and near no one knows of it out of our 5 spot x sites.
Spot x dive 1a-sunrise-_zpssgyt3pkn

Spot x dive 2a-sunrise-2-_zpswvanxwbj

The bar
Spot x dive 3a-the-bar-_zpstlszaf99

Beautiful day
Spot x dive 4a-snad-bar-people-_zps0oqw9ibi

Common spotted hog
Spot x dive Spotted-hog-_zps26q0dkhq

Spot x dive Soul-_zpsbaendycr

small red bubble anem
Spot x dive Red-bubble-_zps6oc0ajuu

red lions
Spot x dive Red-lions-1-_zpsqtf5rki2

Spot x dive Roughy-_zpslilb4kq5

Spot x dive Imperator-2-_zpsltwwtk5s

hing backs
Spot x dive Hing-backs-m-_zpsrbxsvoei

eggs or sea squirts
Spot x dive Eggs-_zps8sasf76p

large deco crab
Spot x dive Deco-crab-large-_zpsibibfyhm

colony anems
Spot x dive Colony-anems-_zpsvauz8lhx

biscuit sea star

Spot x dive Biscuit-sea-satr-_zps7kywkjgv

pink algae
Spot x dive Algae-1-_zps34clmvpz

Spot x dive Tree%20anomey_zps80hjykjw

Spot x dive Scopurin%20fish_zpsfeyancbc

Spot x dive Red%20starfish_zpsmsl79myr

Spot x dive Purple%20anemony_zpsauzvjp48

Spot x dive Feather%20starfish%206_zpso2inesex

Spot x dive Yellow%20featherstarfish_zpsgvrqysdw

Spot x dive Clown%202_zps6lwlwxbf

Spot x dive Clown%203_zpsy03ufnzb

Spot x dive Red%20scrall%20fish_zpslmqajrho

Spot x dive Red%20anemony_zpsvk7zhewj

Spot x dive Goat%20fish_zpsurvlazcq

heading back
Spot x dive Haeding-back-_zpsteuyox9v

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Spot x dive Empty Re: Spot x dive

Post  Colonop on 26th June 2015, 2:25 pm

Awsome photos as always guys Very Happy


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Spot x dive Empty Re: Spot x dive

Post  Reef+ on 24th July 2015, 1:29 pm

Hey guys, the photos just get better each year, keep them coming Very Happy


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Spot x dive Empty Re: Spot x dive

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