Scuba diving, free diving and low tide walks in South East Queensland for June /July

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Scuba diving, free diving and low tide walks in South East Queensland for June /July

Post  liquidg on 8th July 2015, 11:14 am

For June and July so far the vis has been low on average and the temperature has varied from some days at 23c down to 19c and back up, it's all over the place depending how strong and how close in the east auzy current has gotten to the shore line.
It brings warmer temps and very soon the first south to north burst of currents happens and that makes it much colder and brings with it white pointers and larvae/juveniles of fish such as conspicillatus and extra latezonatus amphiprions, to name just two southerners heading our way.

On average we have had very calm seas, with some days almost spectacular in their quality!

There has been hideous current days where there is white water around us as we move into the water, “we know how to accurately predict the currents now”, to dead still days where it so good where you feel that something has to go wrong it is too good!

These pics are from Danny’s and my cameras of our free and scuba dive trips and low ride walks with Dave and who ever else can fit.

A nice fine start to this day out in the water.

Very calm bar.

Smooth water once in the open ocean.

Lots of current this day.

This is on the way back in, nice spot for a picnic, with the birds, lol

This is a greasy cods mouth full of teeth from one we got while spearfishing on the wreck.

A young cephalopholis miniata.

Red quadricolor acid rain anem.

A large estuarine file fish.

An unusual deep-water cup style sponge.

Common soap fish, the soap name is because when in stress they emit a white soapy substance to the water and if a bucket, it kills every one.

Valentini puffer fish.

Sawtail juvenile hiding net to a bream.

Oyster shell

Hispidus toad fish

Leather jacket, very good eating!

This poor limpet is covered in barnacles.

Plenty of bream and black fish here.

Siderea moray eel.

Juvenile heteractis crispa.

Large cuttle fish

A large black fish

Pispar ascidian





Old bottle

Patterned sand stone.

Plate coral

leather coral cluster



Two and three tone brain corals

Basic brain corals


A very common padina

Bald goni


sunrise pics

smooth water

not the best vis

dead turtle

a little ray of sunshine

hiding sea star

the same one

long spin esea urchin

cushion sea star

banded shrimp


soap fish

Blue padina algae

A nice shell

Hair comb with sharks

Tube worms

A few coral pics

Coral trout

Thor shrimp

Hinge back shrimps

with anthia in the back ground

Eye lash blenny


bubble anems

Herring in the billions

Deco urchin face

eel face

sea squirt

mat ascidians

idol and magpie morwong



sunset at low tide

A cold days sunrise

a smooth bar crossing

a not so smooth bar crossing

a nice spot to stop at for a cuppa

two stone fish

temperate tube worms

deep water whip coral

purple tube worms in xenia

many banded shrimp around

a puffer face off

pineapple fish


eagle ray

many lemon peel angels seen

lots of latz

volitan glowing red

normal colouration lunula, very similar to volitans

lots of fish here

anthia schooling

Rope ascidians

More trips
Sunrises from a couple of trips

Very smooth water this day

Very calm open ocean

An interesting bar crossing

Extreme current at one site, the kelp is laying over!

Vis has been 8 to 15 metres over all

Water temp was quite cool at one site

Dave found some wreckage to check out

Always some capensis somewhere

Common sea stars

Mega brittle star with white spots

A green mega

Purple/blue sponge

Tubeworm of many seen

Blue xmas tree worm of a lot seen these days

Mertensii chaetodon

Pelewensis chaetodon

bat fish

Two large turtles

Juv reindeer wrasse

Large bull ray

Lots of nice corals


Anem close up

Eggs of something?

Oyster mouth


Mat ascidians

Reef lobster

Old wives

Slipper lobster, no take for these guys.

Fire anem and very disguised shrimp

Scorpion fish

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