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my tub

Post  Simon51 on 22nd August 2015, 3:40 am

just thought I would post some photo's I took while making a tub, mostly to keep things I can't in my reef tank or find while out and would like to observe more, but ultimately with the aim to use it as a breeding tub/grow out tank. maybe.. one day in the future.

I used a drinking water safe tub I had, a t5 fluro I had from work, bit of metal strapping, a $25 filter from the pet shop which I gutted the filter media out and put in 2 marinepure bio balls which are meant to have a huge bio surface  have been in my reef tanks sump for 6 months or so. I also put 2 in the tub just for a few weeks, abit of sand and 2 small peace's of LR. I used sika to seal it but is drink water safe, I used it because I had it left over from a job and it cures in an hour. it has been up and running 2 weeks now, I have done 2 small water changes to help with the cycling and removing any toxins from the sika or plastics, I have also bought a cheap $18 300ltr/hr filter pump thing I will strip and fill the middle with carbon for the future. all seems okay so far. also sikad a blue led light I had on there and a peace of air tube down and into the middle of the tub for the future.


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