Cuprazin by water life.

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Cuprazin by water life. Empty Cuprazin by water life.

Post  liquidg on 26th September 2015, 2:50 pm

What the?
I just read on a "helpfull" lol, forum that someone used this copper sulphate based product, which also contains formaldehyde for a Centropyge?
Is there no help for new to the hobby folks out there?
Bloody hell, copper sulphate adheres to everything, so gills are compromised on small gill plated species like Centropyge.
Then you have formaldehyde or other wise known as formalin, it depletes oxygen, derrrr, small gill plate species, geez!!!  
Cupramine is based on copper chloride and is quite safe!
Also add a very small amount of refrigerated food grade pure hydrogen peroxide, which is water with another oxygen atom, it works well also, if used gently!!
Try the two together and save your fishes lives guys!


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