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Post  Simon51 on 17th December 2015, 2:01 am

hey, I have been working away for awhile now and on my one day home I have been slowly building a new larger sump/refugum with a few sectioned off sections to hold different things. I got a 1300mm long for 400mm by 450mm tank off a mate pretty cheap and plumed it threw the wall into the under stairs area. got the acrylic from work, some uv stuff we use and silicon. My last sump was under the main tank and it was always a pain in the ass trying to get to the skimmer or even trying to fit reactors in there. So I drew up a design, played with it abit while I was away, I had an old led tank light that the blue driver died on so it only has the white and a few coloured leds over the main area and a led grow light over the other. I am pretty happy with how it has turned out all works, I did screw up in the design I should have flipped the internal walls so the sock was on the other side, as it is now I have to lift the sock over the skimmer to change it. not that big of deal in a bigger area.

old sump
new sump DSCN0186_zpsoemhujem

new sump design
new sump 20151102_113023_zpsi6tyg390

new sump tank
new sump 20151102_112934_zpsonvivhdh

tools of the trade
new sump 20151102_133401_zpsqvqgofoa
new sump 20151102_151024_zpsagn2ga3s

getting staretd
new sump 20151103_162317_zpsuranm4wr
new sump 20151103_162606_zpsuo4lckhi
new sump 20151102_150947_zpsjrfnk1li
new sump 20151102_145926_zpsq4vxbbwo
new sump 20151102_163825_zpst7pqdh33
new sump 20151102_173416_zps5zpiechj
new sump 20151103_163037_zpsxineob3c
new sump 20151103_184448_zpstpjlzs9j
new sump 20151103_184634_zpsobkehpxq

new sump IMG_3378_zpsrbkxbmcv

new sump 20151210_181658_zpsiuunzht6

wet dry section
new sump 20151210_181717_zpsu2v5l3ie

used these marine pure spheres, have used them before, pretty happy. this is straight from them
"A Single 1 Marine Pure ceramic sphere has 240 square feet of surface area. This means you can
fit almost 20 times the surface area in the same space verses bioballs."
new sump AD53243B-4296-49C7-BE71-05A9E7DCF064_zpswptunluw

up and running. I used continuum bacteror for about a week to try lesson any shock or cycling, used sand I had in my old sump.
new sump 20151118_173225_zpsjokpdyl5

new sump 20151210_181612_zpsbgoei2hb
new sump 20151210_181619_zpsapkgvxng

new sump 20151210_181737_zpschocxhqy

next project chiller heat extraction
new sump 20151210_181658_zpsiuunzht6

Thanks Simon


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Post  Simon51 on 1st January 2016, 1:54 pm

redlines finally in, haven fun in there sectioned off area, clowns in theres behind.
new sump 20160101_204209_zpsfr2r1gk6
new sump 20160101_204131_zpsmxeq0luz

little mini maxi
new sump 20160101_203955_zpschhtnczd


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