Temperate tube worm collecting.

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Temperate tube worm collecting. Empty Temperate tube worm collecting.

Post  liquidg on 4th January 2016, 1:11 pm

Bummer, just missed it, what there was of it!

I was waiting for the influx of temperate tube worms to estuaries from the north a bit, to full on mid gold coast and more so south, which gets going from September as tiny little guys just starting out.Then all the way to January and by then they are whoppers, till they all die as full on summer temps kill them, they begin dying from 24.5c to 25c, this goes on each and every year, billions of them croak each year!

The cornflake weed explosion is the same, they send out spores, well most of their body mass cause they begin dying at the same temps the tube worms die at. Anyway this year the oceans phytoplankton numbers were down, which doesn't just reduce the temperate tube worms food supply, it also is the jelly fish main food supply, so they are late if not maybe they will be in very small numbers this year cause last year the green water/phytoplankton supply to these was massive!

So with Danny's and my free dive on the weekend, I knew I was late, but I was far to late, under most rocks were empty rotting tubs, bummer!
I lost all that I had from cyclone Oswald and then my chiller failed the next seasons ones, so anyway only a few were found mid sized that were still to small to divide/self propagating which is the main part of the explosion of them once they start dividing, so there weren't many anyway this year, but hey, with climate change there may be non in the coming years, this is one of what I was looking for.
Pics are one of the worms, then one of the covers I use to protect them as they make a new tube section.
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