Mulching mowers and why are they better for your lawn!

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Mulching mowers and why are they better for your lawn! Empty Mulching mowers and why are they better for your lawn!

Post  liquidg on 5th January 2016, 12:23 am

In simple terms a mulcher mower is a basic mower with a plug in its exit!

Most mowers have plugs available for them.
What the plug achieves is a complete circle or cylindrical area under your mower and eliminates the exit for the grass cuttings to either go to your catcher or just shoot out the back or side of the machine or clump and look really messy
The plug enables the cuttings to be continually cut as you mow until so small they fall into your cut grass as it is cut to affectively fertilise your lawn and in time, will fill those annoying dips and low parts.

Absolutely nothing is of a better fertiliser for grass then its own cuttings.

If you catch your cuttings, your soil will become void of organic mater over the years and your lawn will suffer in many ways.

To explain better as to how it fertilisers is that reasonable soil is mostly organic matter, clay for instance, being the half way mark from dead tissue over millions of years to oil, this is near pure organic matter, but is bound up due to it being of negative atoms and as many know, you add lime to this being a positive atom and the clay is now an extreme form of fertiliser, now that the original mater that is its make has become available for plant life like your lawn to use, this is of course once bacteria releases its valuable content and in the coming months the PH will drop and be great for plant life to feed on, because lime/calcium raises PH.
Clay is a an amazing thing and can be made into energy via adding chemicals and water underground to get bacteria to enact upon it making gas, this is the coal seam gas production!
When looking at clay, you may well be looking at the mid stream result from the deaths of dinosaurs and trees or any thing that was alive back then from  hundreds of thousands to millions of years back!
Lawn cuttings are now dead tissue and bacteria will break it down and feed the grass.

Why does your lawn look so good after a rain?
In the atmosphere there is water helping to cause friction along many other things, this being in cloud form or evaporation still invisible, when lighting that you herd or did not hear enacts in the sky on elements in the sky, it makes available the nitrogen from the air allowing it to bind with the oxygen in the air, this makes nitrate.
The rain falls to the ground with the nitrate on board, then the deeper soils anaerobic bacteria uses the two oxygen atoms of the nitrate freeing up the nitrogen so that the plants can use it, you now have a very green lawn!

What happens to your lawn when you catch your lawn cuttings.
From the soil your grass has started on, it takes out what the bacteria makes available from dead tissue like phosphorus and magnesium to name just two components.
The soils nitrogen cycles bacteria, if warm enough and with the use of water, will take all that was alive and now dead/organic matter in the soil to nitrogen that all plant life needs and all the minerals your lawn has picked up are released to be used again.
Also it is important to remember that the calcium and magnesium components that make up all life and both are of positive atoms that comes from all plant life once it is dead ,will be fallings into your soil helping to avoid organic matter binding because of to many negative atoms.

The mulching plug
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The mower with out the plug
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The mower with the plug
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