Naturaly occuring coral toxins in the reef aquarium.

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Naturaly occuring coral toxins in the reef aquarium. Empty Naturaly occuring coral toxins in the reef aquarium.

Post  liquidg on 7th February 2016, 1:44 am

I was just recently reminded of a mistake I make with this roughly each ten years or so due to forgetting and many other folks that are not aware that they are doing the same thing, by having any zoanthid/zoas or other toxic coral species like hammers in their aquarium!

If you wish to have zoanthids
You have got some choices, tolerate the potential risk to any one who touches them and the bacteria they produce in your tank water, also hope they wont squeeze out something near by nicer in colouration as the community expands.
Just if you do touch them or squeeze one or what ever to make a fluid release from one, some actual zoas contain enough toxins to kill up to 20 adult humans!

Its rare that it affects folks and you can wear gloves and not have any issues if you are lucky and most are.
Most folks do not realise, due to it being a very sow process, that with out great care over time the toxins may ham your tank life, "well they do any way", it can be eased by carbon and much more, but ever so slowely it creeps into the fishes cells and corals and it will be much easier to blame other things for what these toxin are doing, even with something supporting your tank life, these toxins will over time, harm your tank life!

I have used zoas three times over the last 30 years or so, you would think I would learn to not bother, lol and just one month back I got rid of them again.

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