My import/export caulerpa, how it changes over the years.

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My import/export caulerpa, how it changes over the years.

Post  liquidg on 10th March 2016, 8:32 am

Just sharing a bit of a dedication to a very valuable algae species "to me" that my wife found on a low tide walk some years back.
This local morph of the racemosa laetevirens, and I was told way back by the group of marine biologists and geneticists on algae to the government, that this is the most morphic of all marine algae and this exact local variant, that i have, is a bit rare.
It use to take off in late winter where spores have sat waiting that lived through summer and being so delicate to temps, it dies out very quickly once ocean temps hit 25c and gets going at 18c.
So it is only seen, and not much I can tell you, for a few months.
When i first went out looking for it, well after my wife found it, was because i killed near all of it and learnt heaps about it at home by killing near all of it,lol.
I had seen previously there were house block areas of it and in desperation, of it all near dead at home, I couldn't find any, it had all died in the wild by the time i went back!
It was a mad panic to use what I had learnt to try and cultivate the tiny bits that were still alive at home and that was touch and go, but it worked!
In recent years there was lucky to be a metre of it where you find it and I have only seen it in two spots the season before the last, the usual spots had none! global warming has taken its toll and there was none last season, I hope it is not gone from the wild here.

When it first got going properly.

One if the first trims some years back.

Transparent and still functioning, and the leaves, if you can call them that, are offset with this morph.
It looses its pigment from time to time, but still keeps growing and thriving.

A morph two years back looking like arms reaching up with a head in the middle.

This is the current morph, due a different depth and flow, tight entwined matting!

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