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Post  liquidg on 19th July 2016, 2:40 pm

I was reading on three sites some winging about how ammo-lock works the last few days.
These twits use ammonia test kits right, no they aren't, the test kits they are using test for ammonium as well the "ammonia" so ammonium is right up there, where it supposed to be, you know, you dose the tank to take it to the non toxic one called ammonium!
Ammo lock converts ammonia to a non toxic form of ammonium, you know the reason freshwater fish are "in a sense" much easier to keep, weak and easy to deal with ammonium.
Some like to read that its locked up, but it isn't, its just ammonium now.
Ammonium becomes ammonia due to saltwater's PH levels on average, so you if have good reef tank PH, then you have ammonia and not much ammonium.
So the ammonium made from ammonia by ammo lock will be enacted upon by your biofilter, with in reason, if it is working correctly!
Anyway when using ammo lock in your aquarium, once the issue is finished you need to do a large water change or a few medium ones to get stability back.
Some folks just don't get it, or anything else really!

To me, for issues you need to think about for a while then act upon, a cloudy tank and you have to go to work, setting up again, transporting marine life, etc ,etc, it and other products like it are a god send!

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