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Post  JMH on 10th October 2016, 11:25 am

I've been keeping salt water tanks for a little while now and am interested in learning more about the local wildlife around SEQ and collecting for myself. Looks like this place is a great resource for that. If enough interest could be mustered a group trip would be great.



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Post  liquidg on 10th October 2016, 1:11 pm

Yeh recreational collecting for your personal hobby is very educational for sure and between us three guys here, well Dave makes it four I suppose, though he is not so much into collecting like myself, straddy boy and Simon, so between us all, there is, you could say, we a have century of experience in all aspects of recreational collecting and quite a few years a ways back of commercial collecting of marine life as well.

We were out there before climate change really started impacting here in SEQ, so yeh we do provide a good resource on here.

But, and there are many buts with all this, you see its not a simple addition to the hobby that will enhance it and "will" make you a better environmentalist.
Commercial enterprises will hate you cause you didn't buy from them, know nothing greenies of which 99 percent of all folks will want to blame you for the oceans issues and then buy a fish from the shop, make sense of that?
There is far more to it then that.
You did read all of this-  
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