Algae in the display reef aquarium.

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Algae in the display reef aquarium. Empty Algae in the display reef aquarium.

Post  liquidg on 12th October 2016, 1:26 pm

What are we trying to keep alive in most reef aquariums?
Algae that's what!

Near all corals/anemones colour are symbiotic algae, these are housed with in the corals cells and they are not just zooxanthellae, like some twits will tell you, that is what reefers try to keep alive and healthy, algae!

You keep non invasive decorative trimable algae in your display tank, and they take out and use and convert nutrients so that the more delicate symbiotic algae species respond well and your fish nibble on the algae you trim in the display aquarium.

If unwanted algae shows its face, read this thread link--

oh and it is good to have algae externally as well, but the best importers are potentially invasive, so keep the green algae like chaetomorpha and racemosa caulerpa variants externally.
Never use caulerpa like taxifolia!!

Tank top right hand side when I couldn't be bothered, the purple coral is just out of the pic above.
Algae in the display reef aquarium. Hair-algae-_zpsbdrtrqxg

Tank top right hand side with in tank algae importing, this is six months later after keeping up with prefilter cleaning and peroxide used heaps.
Algae in the display reef aquarium. Algae-in-top-tank-12-10-16-_zpsiigrgbj1

Growing above everything else is gods gift to reef keepers and nature as a whole being ulva, more in tank importing and very healthy for omnivores and herbivores!
Most all pontoons and posts that are in the water in Moreton bay until January temps kill it, is tones of ulva that you can take legally!
Algae in the display reef aquarium. Ulva-in-top-tank-_zpsbuyxcg1g

non invasive tasty trimables
Algae in the display reef aquarium. Ulva-12-10-16-_zpssusdhqq1

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