A wonderful coral collecting site, after the 2011 rains wiped it out, its coming back.

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A wonderful coral collecting site, after the 2011 rains wiped it out, its coming back.

Post  liquidg on 6th November 2016, 12:29 am

For many years i had the privilege of hunting for my reef pets at a site where the collection of all corals etc is legal for the hobbyists.
I first found this spot in the late 70s, then it was not for collecting, i liked it due to spear fishing back then but after a little while i was into the marine hobby and that spot provided all kinds of wonderful corals and fish life, in just 1 to 5 metres of water right up against the waters edge.
Fan/gorgonian corals to well over a metre across, leather corals you czan sit in and lay back, sps and lps corals every where, auzy acans lps of all colours, it was a paradise in my mind due to its just so easy to walk not far from the car and get in and have a ball there, on tank or more so at that depth, free diving, it was a top spot.
When on tank I would carry my gear on a trolley and padlock the trolley to a sign post near where i would get in.Sadly being up against the shore line, the rains in 2011 killed it all off, and mean "it all!!!!"
That happens more and more these days due to climate change but what can you do? Its taken a few years to get going again from barren rock with not even any algae on them, but even though its coral content is only back to 2 percent of what it was, its a sign, that one of my fav spots is giving it a go again.
This was yesterday, its not a clear water site, it rarely has more then 2 metre vis, but I like it!

And another reason i like the site, is the abundance of halymenia there, here is a whopper.

Always plenty of fish here.

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