Racism in the ocean.

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Racism in the ocean. Empty Racism in the ocean.

Post  liquidg on 13th November 2016, 1:05 am

Near on all thinking animals are racist, nearly all species hate other species in the ocean and on the land, racism is semi hard wired into us via our primitive sections with our genes, then again so are many other ugly attributes of our potential as well.
The gene has in action only a tiny section at the end of it that makes us up totally, the rest is our past evolutionary stages, from time to time a mutation will set in by a slight reverting back along that past areas of our gene.
Most of us have total control of our instincts to do many horrible things that make us part of the anima kingdom and live pretty much harmless to others lives.
One of the most primitive animals on earth are the tunicates, primitive, sort of no brain and yet they live happily with other types of tunicates, humans with their primitive moronic racist ways, can learn a lot from these guys.
Red with yellow, black, orange, they don't care! They just get on with life.

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