Blood sugar, an early death for us all!

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Blood sugar, an early death for us all! Empty Blood sugar, an early death for us all!

Post  liquidg on 20th November 2016, 2:38 pm

The stupidest thing that we can consume!
Its on the labelling on the stuff you buy, read it and get a shock!
If it is low fat or reduced fat, they added sugar.
Skim milk is far more fattening then full cream, due to added sugars.
Fat cells take in blood sugars that are worked on by your insulin, they don't take in fat, fat cells are filled with your blood sugars, your poor liver is taking in the fats and once it gets too much you get a fatty liver then diabetes.
You see your liver dictates the cholesterol, you stuff with your liver this way and you die from cholesterol issues from blood sugar issues.
The more blood sugar with functioning insulin, the fatter you get!!!!
If you have diabetes as many have it but do not know yet, you can quite nicely be skinny, but the plague on your arteries from those adverse blood sugars are killing you!!!
You need insulin working well to take it all to energy then what you do not use goes into fat cells/storage for those lean times from our primitive past with not much food on offer! You see all that we eat gets converted to sugars and enters the blood stream as blood sugar and then we eat actual sugar or either in chocolates, lollies, ice creams, cakes, soft drinks and so on, what the hell!!!
you see how stupid that is!!
Okay what does high blood sugar do?
Like me from my stupid younger days, it gives you type 2 diabetes, it helps gout get a hold, it causes arthritis, it shortens your life, it keeps muscle pain going longer,  it eats away at joint cartilage, it causes cancer to develop, it causes heart disease, it makes you catch more colds flues or what ever, it reduces brain functions, causes strokes, it takes away your eye sight, it reduces the feelings in all of your extremities, it is "everything" that ends up internally harming you!
Blood sugar kills more people and creates more suffering then all other suffering educing components of our lives, even far beyond smoking!!!!

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