Banded shrimp dead or has it shed its shell?

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Banded shrimp dead or has it shed its shell?

Post  liquidg on 2nd April 2017, 9:14 am

Virtually all crustaceans which includes all shrimp, crabs, and crayfish shed their shells this way and many other life forms in their ways as well.

These guys, the banded coral shrimp, along with most crustaceans, open them selves up on their back between their carapace and tail and with lots of pulling and shoving, out they go.
They pull them selves out of their old shell exactly as they were leaving the shed shell as they once were, but if any thing was lost like legs or what ever well before the shed,  they grow new ones under the soon to be new shell like intestines rolled up now with all their legs, eyes, hairs, the lot, they then fill with fluids to become enlarged and their outer skin becomes their shell over 6 to 12 hours, they are now bigger and full bodied.
If they shed not long after they loose a leg or what ever, the new one is quite small till the next shed.

Once crustaceans are about to shed and during a shed, they are at serious risk of predation and with females, they are sending signals to their male or another to fertilise them.
With predation, its not just because they are soft bodied, its also that as they shed the mucus applied to between the new them, and the old shell, this is jam packed with hormones, these hormones are sensed by male suitors if the shedding crustacean is a female, or predators like a smell leading them to their prey.

Shrimp, on average have shells made up of silica, unlike crabs and crayfish that once passed their transparent stage, theirs turn to a less flexible and translucent calcium shell.

Freshly shed soft bodied shrimp.

Its discarded shell.

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