To Dictyota or not to Dictyota?

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To Dictyota or not to Dictyota? Empty To Dictyota or not to Dictyota?

Post  liquidg on 21st May 2017, 12:35 am

This variation is a semi pretty example of the Dictyota sandvicensis variation.
Dictyotales, of which all the dictyota variants belong to, also includes the calcareous or Padina, a very close relative to coralline algae, and sometimes, a very pretty algae as well.

There are dictyota that stays as it should, but most vary beyond how they start or how they are supposed to be in both colour and growth rate.
Dictyota is in the class of brown algae though many get some serious colour to them, mostly based on blue.

As many reefers know and have experienced, dictyota is a little invasive to extremely invasive, this example is one of the least invasive, but you still still need to iniate control measures, or you will be sorry!
The ones that give us the most grief are the longer leaf variations, if they could be called that, like dichotoma (Hudson) Lamouroux or cervicornis Kützing to name just two of the more invasion variants.

This variant is in my tank and may be a problem to me in time, if I don't trim it and pull it out regularly.
All these patches in my tank started via sporing, this is why this algae in so invasive!
Next to a mini maxi
To Dictyota or not to Dictyota? Anem-and-algae-_zpsw5mrpikk

Growing on a damaged section of the scoli
To Dictyota or not to Dictyota? Scoli-and-algae-_zpsd5kclckc

On its own forming disks.
To Dictyota or not to Dictyota? Dict-best-_zpsrbcudx0y

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