Equalising ears when scuba or free diving.

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Equalising ears when scuba or free diving.

Post  liquidg on 27th May 2017, 2:55 pm

Its best to speak to some one that knows sinus/antrum equalising really well "one on one" if you have any issues with this and practice with their help.
If after that, it does not come easy, then you have a physical barrier.
Hopefully just a short term mucus issue, you know, snot, lol.

The mucus is a histamine reaction, we make this to flush out what our bodies perceive as dangerous to us, or just irritating.
These can be dust,, micro bugs, plant pollen, seeds, bacterial or viral issues or allergenic reactions, any one or all resulting in raising mucus levels in your maxillary sinuses or antrums.

In my youth I had sinusitis off and on from 14 to 21 years old, this made it so hard to surf and dive giving me pain in firstly the forehead and my ear drums.
So to start getting use to relieving the pressure, that is from the water volume/weight pushing onto and into you, try the old hold your nose squeezing both nostrils closed and close your throat valve, then try to force air through your nose.
That air should pass through to your sinuses behind your eyes, to behind your ear drums.
It should make a noise of some kind like bubbling sounds or what ever, then make a swallowing motion, if that is hard, have a drink while you do this and drink, then swallow.
The sound of the actual water being swallowed will make it hard to judge the resulting noise with in your antrums, but it will get easier.
You need to hear equal sounds from both sides of your sinuses, if not equal, you are a bit blocked up with mucus in one side more then the other.

A nasal spray will help with in an hour to a few hours especially anti histamine substances.
Do not use anti histamine products unless you need to, these may also reduce the production of mucus through out your body that are essential to day to day life, like the mucus that helps move waste through our bowls, reducing this action may increase the chance of bowl cancer.
Practise these equalising actions while watching tele or anywhere really and you will hear those sounds and know really well as to how well your sinuses are allowing good equalising, then in time it happens naturally for you with out thinking about it, unless that day you have a histamine reaction.

You see a cold is the onset of a viral infection that sets up in your sinuses that you breathed in at some stage.
Your body reacts as a histamine type of thing trying to flush out these nasties, then the mucus with bacteria from the days breathing and those virus all runs down your throat, especially when we sleep causing a saw throat to a throat surface infection and in that mucus is the viral life forms along with heaps of bacteria that gets to your lungs then you begin coughing and so on, leading to potentially, at its worst, pneumonia.

It I am blocked up while diving, I take my second stage out of my mouth "in the right ways", "because this can be dangerous" and grab my nose to equalise, but normally just moving my jaw in a sort of swallowing motion equalises the depth change that I am going through, this moves the air in my sinuses as I head down while diving or free diving giving me equal air pressure as the air in those antrums gets compressed as I go deeper.

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