Moreton Island (northern) scuba and snorkelling areas in Queenslands south east.

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Moreton Island (northern) scuba and snorkelling areas in Queenslands south east.

Post  Admin on 7th August 2009, 12:27 am

This is another oceanic jewel from the Brisbane area, second only to north Stradbroke Island.

The moreton island area consists of many Diving and snorkelling sites on near and not so near to its shoreline.

The two best spots around the island would have to be flinders reef for unlimited coral and fish life, as good if not better than the barrier reef, because we can access it easily from Brisbane and the next is the reef areas out from the beach at yellow patch.

Yellow patch is like swimming around in a huge bath tub, it is so calm normally and swimming from the beach it starts at about 50 feet off the beach in 7 feet of water, to a hundred feet out from the beach to a depth of 25 feet deep, there are patches all over this area of reef to have a look at from the beach camping or day tripping or with the aide of a boat.
There is also the point to the light house where you can catch a Cray or two, chase a nice semicircle angelfish for your aquarium, maybe spear something for dinner, the north point area has it all for the campers or boaties, oh and on a good swell, the right hand wave break here below the light house and on the point are amongst the best breaks in Queensland.

Yellow patch.

North point back to yellow patch.

The point areas.

Honey moon bay between the light house and main point.

Flinders reef eastern side.

Flinders reef western side.

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