Dreging in open ocean on the gold coast killing reef life.

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Dreging in open ocean on the gold coast killing reef life.

Post  liquidg on 8th July 2017, 4:33 am

I thought spewing dredge crap into the ocean was illegal????
Now there is no way this was not let happen by either the gold coast council or the local govenrment.
They rave on about how they are about protecting the ocean and there you see it, oh hang on, you would not see it, the dredge stopped and left around15 mins after sunrise, we got out off palm beach before sunrise so we were thee only boat out there at this stage, well there was the dredge of course, the bar was a bit nasty.
So from night to sunrise dredging, most folks would not have a clue their ocean was being so badly treated by the ones we pay to look afetr it.
Cunning hey, leave before most folks get out of bed and no one is the wiser, well we are!
The ocean was soup!!!!!
Out in 60 feet of water and in the shallows, a few feet vis at seeing shapes,sort of, actual vis was 2 to 4 inches, nearly!!
Straight after i took the video and photos it left!
This area is between Currumbin bar and Tallebudgera bars, both have sewerage treatment plants and houses on the waters, can you imagine was is in that sediment that has been dredged up and let loose in the ocean. 

Video of it

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Re: Dreging in open ocean on the gold coast killing reef life.

Post  Cscott on 17th July 2017, 11:28 am

That's absolutely rediculous? Are you writing to your local MP about it with the pictures? Looking for an explanation? I sincerely hope so.


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