Collecting corals and fish recreationaly in Queensland-gold coast and sunshine coast.

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Collecting corals and fish recreationaly in Queensland-gold coast and sunshine coast.

Post  liquidg on 14th August 2017, 11:35 am

Where ever and when ever you intend on legally collecting recreationally your own marine life, hide what you are doing, always!!
No one will like what you are doing, no one!!!

Try to avoid asking commercial collectors or any shops or internet sites that have anything to do with aquarium shops or other marine life commercial enterprises on anything relating to collection of marine fish and invertebrates.  It is not in their best interest to provide you with the correct and legal information.
They make money from you buying marine life from them or a business that they supply, there is no money for them in you collecting your own marine life, plus you may get what they could have  sold.
Though fisheries is hard to get through to and seemingly try to avoid the questions, call and persist at getting them to reply to your questions about recreational collecting of marine life!

These are the zones where recreational coral collectors can not collect corals, live rock, anemones and so on.
You can collect legal species of fish and inverts in these parks, unless green zones where you can take nothing, so out side of green zones still in marine parks, you can take up to two of any one species, no more and your catch can only add up to 5 all up per 28days and if by boat and more then one collector in that boat, 10 species per boat.
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Else where is fine to collect any legal coral, anemone and other invert species.

Gold coast- from the Queensland border to the south wall of the south port seaway, the north wall is the start of the Moreton bay marine park.
Sunshine coast, from the start of Shelley beach on the northern side of Caloundra point where the Moreton bay marine park finishes, to the start of the great barrier reef marine park is fine for collection as it is out of any state marine parks.

So by low tide walking and free diving, near all of the gold coast is fine and near all of the sunshine coast is fine.

This link is very vague as marine parks and fisheries always are, but it explains sort of that you can collect corals out side of state parks.
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For more info, though vague-
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I made a call to fisheries regarding recreational coral collecting to day 1/09/2017, this is the response-

You are asking if a hobbyist is able to collect coral for their personal use in their reef tank if this site is not within a marine park.  In response I advise -

There is no protection for coral under Qld Fisheries legislation in regards to the recreational take of it. However, you cannot sell it without a commercial harvest licence. Anyone wanting to collect coral for their own private use should check with the relevant State or Commonwealth Marine Park authorities as there may be restrictions under their laws.

If you wish to follow up on this enquiry please quote reference number:  1414915.

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