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Check in guys

Post  ReeferRob on 7th March 2018, 1:05 am

I see there's a lot of flooding down your way, checking to make sure everyone's OK.

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Re: Check in guys

Post  liquidg on 8th March 2018, 12:08 pm

Very few folks have been harmed by the flooding so far, more so the silly ones crossing flooded waters, but not many injuries there.
Lots of homes and businesses lost in the flooding sadly.

The gold coast, south of Brisbane has been more or less wiped out, aquarium life wise in the estuaries, too much fresh water but our sunny coast, north of Brisbane, has done well.
North Queensland is copping it big time and that will cause serious harm to the barrier reef and wipe out all estuaries.

The really good thing about the low that acted like a cyclone in its shape but no real wind, dumped heaps in many serious drought declared areas of the out back in north west Queensland which is good, some very young country kids out there have never seen rain let alone a now running river, good stuff for those guys.
This is how it use to be, this is a normal early March for us, not been like this in many years, sad we have lost trillions of billions of in close marine life species, but the strong south easterly winds and massive swells we are experiencing are pushing in some great planktonic life moving past us in the east ausy current, the gold coast estuaries wont be able to sustain anything, even all the algae has all died down the coast. but the in close reefs and the sunny coast, looking good!
The vis out here will suck for a while, then improve, then we get all the dirty water from up north via the east ausy current with in 4 to 6 weeks, then it turns to shit again, till it has all been washed south to feed the pre and actual arctic phytoplankton and cyano life that will consume it and inspire heaps of krill and much more to thrive.
So its good and bad, what we are experiencing.
Thanks for your concern.

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