Coralines, they are not just pink!!!

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Coralines, they are not just pink!!! Empty Coralines, they are not just pink!!!

Post  liquidg on 26th August 2018, 9:43 pm

Through out the ocean, corallines are certainly every where and the most common is a class of red alage!!

They are the reason sps can attach to hard surfaces, you see the base of hard corals is made up of symbiotic corallines, they attach the corals to the reefs.
There are also many flexible corallines but it would take hours to put these pics up or algae's most folks did not know were actually corallines.

The pink coralline that most think is the only coralline, as in an encrusting hard coralline, is just one of 7 common encrusting varieties and most are found in low to no light areas, so they are not seen normally, except by divers with torches and most wouldn't know what they are looking at.

This thread is not just about corallines, but about a mutation, or an example of sped up evolution of a corallines capacity to live where it is not normally found, maybe this is the case?

This common blue coralline that most have never seen, is common in caves and under rocks in the ocean in high nutrient areas, near rivers, bars and drains that are of highish nutrient out flows but sustain constant suitable salinity.

This one has ben in my tanks for ages, till I started dosing again with boiled algae, its my import/export racemosa for cleaning my water, that of course adds quite a bit of organic nutrients to the water and its remarkable make up that has been converting, once osmoticly absorbed, substances with in its body mass.

This is that coralline-
Firstly this is the normal pink and a few spots of red coralline fighting for space with the blue.
Coralines, they are not just pink!!! Yyfupty

The next is the blue and pink in not so much abundance, but the blue is out stripping the pink as per usual
Coralines, they are not just pink!!! DeTdCs7

This is the blue beating the pink hands down with its speed of growth
Coralines, they are not just pink!!! 6lJNOqN

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