Attaching base or live rock to aquariums glass.

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Attaching base or live rock to aquariums glass.

Post  liquidg on 31st October 2018, 12:54 pm

The tank is a mess!
It has been left for a few years like this and now its time to go back to the 80s!
Back then I always attached all corals and rock to the glass via glass hooks.

One side left with crap rock so my tank guys can live well with their side left intact till life grows on the new rock and the bleach leaches out completely.

The other side ready.

The blade I use on angle grinder to cut rock.
It cuts all masonry materials.

Cut glass hooks, the size I wanted to make them

Get acidic cure silicon, I had some black left over so I used it.
Glass and silicon are from the same product and what the acidic cure does, is burns into the glass it is applied onto and sort of melts the silicon/flexible Glass, to the rigid glass. That's why you should not stick anything to glass with out acidic cure.
Resins have that, especially epoxy resins, but they are not flexible enough for this function, the glass may break with using epoxy.

Glue two together to alow strength and extra glass surface area attached the glass walls.

Always use medium grade sand paper to take edge off the cut glass, always do this or you make get cut!!!!

When cutting glass, it is not actually cutting glass, the glass cutter/wheel, scores or you could call it scratches it so that it will break along that line.
I hold ruler on line to cut 2 to 3 mill to the side as that is the thickness of the cutter, then dunk in 2 stroke oil so wheel has oil on it, 2 stroke is a suitable thin oli, you can use WD 40, but I have two stroke oil all ready.
Run wheel over the line where you wish to cut "softly" to allow oil on that line with no scoring, never try to cut with out oil on the line or the cutter will bluten real fast and your cut will go crooked.
My cutter is an oil reserve cutter but I prefer to dunk it.
Snap it where your lines are, and its all good.

Glass hook attached to the glass with sticky tap holding it so it will not drop.
I then fill with water, silicon going off in water is harmless and if oxygen levels are fine, it goes off as if it is not in the water.

Once you get the rock desired for the area that you will attach it to, drill the rock to suit the hooks with just average drill bit, it will blunten the drill bit, but that's fine, it still works great with the rock.
Two sections of rock on the two double hooks so far.

This my home made live rock from base rock with corals glued on.
Corals, sponge and algae on,

A month later

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