Cool trips guys. excellent stories on the best of Q.

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Cool trips guys. excellent stories on the best of Q. Empty Cool trips guys. excellent stories on the best of Q.

Post  shawnsea on 15th August 2009, 2:58 pm

I come from Coolum,my mates from near by as well and have seen two of your clubs trip stories on the coast and me and my mates have been spearing since 05 and we just started a marine tank,it’s cycling is nearly there the rock is all in as well.
The things I am asking about are can we just check with you guys if we need help with probs if not sure on something and some hints on collecting for our tank or do we have to join the club?
We have gotten some nets and tried to catch a few fish with not much luck.
I saw the story on flinders reef and my mates dad has a boat and we can use it but i thought you could not spear or collect there anymore?
Sorry to through so many qestions at you all,we could use the help!


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Cool trips guys. excellent stories on the best of Q. Empty hi fellow queenslander

Post  Admin on 15th August 2009, 3:52 pm

Firstly you don't have to join up,you are to far away for our club anyway.
you know there is the QAH club around caboolture way,it would be closer to you than us.
As for the joining needed,the only thing about joining is we will not give away valuable spots to none members and only members on trips!
That may sound selfish,but we are trying to stimulate our club not give the years attaining what we know away to other clubs.
As to any help we can give you out side of that,we are more than happy to do that.

You asked about flinders reef?
You can spear and anything else more or less on the northern third of the reef.
here is the link to the map as to what and where you can do things,i checked with one of the marine parks patrol officers yesterday on just that and he confirmed what i read from the map,its all good in all zones with the exception of green zones,nothing is to be taken from with in them.
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A very good spot for crays if you don't mind snorkelling in 45 to 60 feet,follow your sounder due north of the flinders reef for around 2 hundred metres and find a undulating formation on your sounder at roughly 50 to 55 feet,the crays there are so many they will come out to say high.

keep your eyes horizontal as well there are a few pelagic fish there,i saw in your profle you like them.

A few of the clubbies at any given time are admin.

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