Reef tank “fail” preventative measures!

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Reef tank “fail” preventative measures! Empty Reef tank “fail” preventative measures!

Post  liquidg on 4th July 2019, 12:18 am

There are many fail safes you can build into filter design, many!!!!

These that can help heaps with this hobby, you know, not just in case something happens, because something detrimental will most likely happen and to keep these from occurring are really quite simple!
First and foremost is a dry section incorporated into your, what’s called these days a sump, this is water cascading/splashing over bio media that is not submerged externally to control oxygen and PH issues!
Do not rely on bubble to do this, it doesn’t work that way!

The next is an algae area externally that is well light while tank lights are off!
When tank lights go off, all algae, even what is symbiotic with in all corals including anemones, it does the same as all life, uses available oxygen and makes co2!
So your cascading waters violent motion literally forces the co2 and to some extent ammonia out of the water into the air and the algae area externally will consume the co2 made in your tank.
So now when these nasty events happen, will not bring on parasite out breaks due to the stress on your tank from these adverse conditions, to at worst a complete tank wipe out!
For the not so rich or newish to the hobby these will stop so much heart ach with the hobby oh and these can be made quite small if the tank set up is small as well!

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