Clownfish and good spots near the shore

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Clownfish and good spots near the shore

Post  travc83 on 25th August 2009, 2:43 pm

Hi All,

I've just stumbled across this forum in my search for new places to explore scuba diving and snorkelling around Bris Vegas and have been really impressed by some of the amazing things you guys have found.

After months of me raving on and on about how amazing the ocean is my girlfriend has finally agreed to get her dive license and just finished her course last weekend. I would really like to take her somewhere good near the shore and was wondering if anyone had any ideas?

She really wants to see some clownfish and tropical fish (blue tangs, etc) but so far I haven't really seen anything like this near the shore and I don't have access to a boat?

Anyone know a good spot near the shore where you mind find something like this?


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SEQ spots

Post  Admin on 26th August 2009, 7:56 am

There are very few spots as a shore dive for those species travc83.

Kirra reef was the best in its day,its covered now days.

There are a lot of spots around here that have them but you will need to go out on a boat to see them.
The clowns that start in places like the seaway,for instance,that area is heavily commercialy collected at and us and other privte people go there sometimes as well,they do not last long there and because of the low vis normally there they tend to start in the shallows and get picked of easier because of that reason.

There is a guy that takes out divers from straddie that we know very well and will most likely place you right over them to see that type of thing if the curent isn't to intense.

we could let him know what you want to see and tell him where exactly to go,he knows these waters better than most,but blue tangs he wouldn't really notice them with out help,sports divers mainly see only the big stuff.

There is a spot in 15 feet of water near where he goes where you can see some clowns in perfect safety and a spot not far from there where you can see a few blue tangs in water at around 45 feet as of today,you don't have to go deep for them out here,you just need to know where.

Earlier in the season blue tangs can be found on snorkell in abundance at 20 to 50 feet in around 10 spots,they mainly exist at 20 to 60 feet because of the concentration of planktonic foods at that depth,though 40 to 60 is more popular so the swells do not damage them as juveniles.

In current affected areas with heaps of staghorn corals in an average of 45 feet in march to june,there are heaps normally out there,thousands actualy.

All these spots were found in the early eighties and they always produce the same creatures there.

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