Amphiprions/clown fish found near Brisbane in SEQ.

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Amphiprions/clown fish found near Brisbane in SEQ.

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Amphiprion latezonatus-wide banded anemone fish.
These fish are very common in SEQ due to consistent thermoclines of cold stable water at depths below 50 feet, though juveniles are found in waters as shallow as 15 feet.
An easy fish to keep at temps no greater than 24c and they need stable salinity,KH and PH.
They tend to go blind from being brought up from depths to fast causing the bends via their swim bladder exploding oxygen bubbles into the their body and most times some of it will find a way to behind the eye killing the eyes nerves and making it look like pop eye, but normally as a result of UV-Radiation causing the them to develop cataracts and cancers, they can not cope with strong light that resistance lighting emits for any great length of time.
Feed on any marine meats along with marine plants like kelp and ulva and will coexist with most clown fish and harmless in a reef tank.
A large pair I put here in 2011 as tiny juveniles

Adult latezonatus video.

Video of adult pair and juvenile.

This is an adult pair living with a pink clown fish and brown clowns.


Video of latz living in a aurora crispa

Video of a juvenile latezonatus.


Amphiprion akindynos or barrier reef clown fish.
This very common clown in South east Queensland,is found in waters from 1 meter to 30 meters in depth and basically anywhere the salinity is constantly above 1.022,as long as there are available anemones. They prefer bubble anemones.
These clowns mate and grow to the same size as each other unless one is predated on and another juvenile comes in with the plankton or has been waiting near by to take the place of which ever clown dies. They are able to take on any sex up to one and a half inches in length before their sex is set in place.
This clown feeds easily on most aquarium foods based on marine meats and some algae content.
large adult

Video of adult pair


Video of latezonatus and akindynus living together.

Amphiprion perideraion or pink anemone fish.
Common from northern NSW to Northern East Australia Coast.
A very easy clown to keep though normally a little aggressive to all other clowns smaller than them selves.

Amphiprion melanopus or tomatoe clown.
Common over most of the western pacific down to the NSW border.
Another easy clown fish to keep and normally quite aggressive to most others in an aquarium that are simliar in size or smaller,not a good natured clownfish!

Amphiprion clarkii-clarks clown fish.
Rare here in SEQ and a nasty fish at the best of times.
Useless with other small fish and inverts,harmless to corals though will feed well on any marine meats.

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