planning Collecting trip out wide by boat

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planning Collecting trip out wide by boat Empty planning Collecting trip out wide by boat

Post  Admin on 10th October 2009, 5:03 am

Dave has offfered to take four of us out wide for a snorkelling trip next saturday.

It's not cheap on fuel on these sought of trips and it is not for anyone who has any fear of sharks that will hold them back or can not stop them selves from getting sea sick,you also may have to climb up potentialy sharp rocks and swim over water areas plenty deep enough to carry a very large shark to you.

Saying this,there is near to no chance of even seeing one let alone one bothering you where we go,its just the type of area can look,(though beautiful),very scary.

If any one is going on tank you will not be collecting as we on snorkel will be.

get in touch by thursday if you are keen!

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