Placing Photos in forum threads.

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Placing Photos in forum threads.

Post  Admin on 12th October 2009, 5:36 am

From recent activities by photobucket, we do not recommend that site at all.

A good site

sign up



password and so on

hold cursor on name

click on make new album or the album you want to upload photos to

for adding photos click on "add another image"

highlight all the photos you want in there and wait till they all load, no need to save, they do that automatically

the site does not like lots of albums

this site does image codes

Hold cursor on the name

Click on images

click on all images arrow

then all albums show, click on which album you want to open

click on the image you want to show

down the bottom of these codes it is about sizes, leave it at original.

click on BBcode to the right, which is an image code, then paste on forum thread as per usual.


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