New wreck to dive on in south Aus

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New wreck to dive on in south Aus

Post  liquidg+ on 22nd October 2009, 7:37 am

The HMAS Canberra (ex) was sunk on the 4th of October not far outside Port Phillip Bay near Melbourne is dominant in the buz about the aus dive sites at the moment.

No one has seen any reports of how it has settled on the bottom of the ocean as yet and it will take a while to get some life on it though it is a good time to put a wreck down,maybe a month or two early a little better, as a great deal of spawned marine life is in the east ausy current seasonal planktonic cycle at the moment ready to find that formation of real or artificial reef to make it their home,if it were a little sooner the algae that feeds most all new life forms in the sea could have formed to feed the new house hunters at the wreck.

Than of course the white pointers will come in to eat the build up of fish and maybe a diver or two, letís hope not!


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