Sharks off straddie

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Sharks off straddie

Post  liquidg+ on 26th October 2009, 12:36 pm

The shark on tele recently is not really new news as there was a near on 10 footer caught near cylinders beach and a big one possibly near on 20feet came from behind taking in the tail and body to near the head and bit it off around two weeks back very near where the one on the news was in action.

The head of the near on 10footer went to a mate for itís jaws, they will look so cool!

The green zones are going to bring in heaps of sharks,geez itís not rocket science to figure that one out.

With in two years of the green zone for fishing at flat rock the grey nurse sharks have been like flies out there even in summer, not so much in the shark gutters, more so on the north sid and the bar end of flat, where the guys have been seeing them, some times when we would look around out there on snorkel we would see one or two, one came under us one day out there in less than ten feet of water, that was so close you felt the water movement as it went under us.

The last time we went out there for a dive we saw 4 all under 6 feet, there are some youngsters turning up now, they must be doing some affective breeding since heavily protected from hooks.

The young ones are very curious, they nearly run into you and you try to keep away from them!!

Hislop in the past would get around a 100 whites out of the bay each year, now they are coming back and with the protection, time to breed and safe to reach adult hood, we are in serious trouble when the next generations get to eating us size!!

Itís only common sense, if they go untouched for each lot of successful seasons of breeding and they are at the top of the food chain and there are more whales for them to have a chew on here each year now and if they decide to stay and wait for the next season of whales, what are they going to chew on in the mean time.

Combine that with the more regular occurrences of thermo clines of which would suit the whites as is the temp anyway in deep waters in the bay, than we have a very big problem developing for loosing life and limbs!!

I bet the first one will be at flat rock or middle reef in waters not so clear so often as it is these days.


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