November 27th scuba and free diving trip

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November 27th scuba and free diving trip

Post  liquidg+ on 27th November 2009, 10:53 am

The day consisted of a couple of scuba dives at flat rock to check out the ever growing amounts of grey nurse in the area these days and a stop off at the wreck and another shallow reef out that way for some free diving and collecting.
The vis was 10 metres to fifity feet than 3 metres vis to seventy feet than a thermocline kicked in at seventy feet taking the temp from 24 degrees c down to 19 degrees c and the vis at the bottom was around 15 to 20 metres,over all not bad except for the strong current.
The wind made it a little choppy at first and later the wind got up to nearly 30 knots,very,very rough,we survived though,just a rough trip back.

This is how calm the bar was.

This is how the water clarity looked on the way out.

This is at the deepish dive site.

These are what we got free diving at the rufus king,there were a few fish speared but we didn't remember to get pics of them.
Mainly some nice parrot fish.


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