Centaur wreck found just off Queenslands moreton island

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Centaur wreck found just off Queenslands moreton island

Post  Admin on 20th December 2009, 5:29 am

The Hostital ship named Centaur that was sunk by a japanese submarine on may 14/1943 was officialy found on sunday 4.30 pm brisbane time.

The ship had 332 people on board, out of them 268 lost their lives.

The ship is supposed to be in 2059 metres depth of water so the cappacity to easily see this wreck is low to zero

The search leader David Mearns identified the wreck of the centaur on sunday morning 30 nautical miles east of the southern tip of moreton island.

There is talk the search crew wil return in january to use submarines for a full inspection of the wreck.

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