Flanagans freshwater spot with rapids. family fun and camping near Brisbane

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Flanagans freshwater spot with rapids. family fun and camping near Brisbane

Post  liquidg+ on 3rd January 2010, 6:48 am

One of the few places with in 2 hours of Brisbane that can boast so much on a family level yet offer relaxed camping next to some fun rapids in very clean clear water will be featured in this thread.

This area is at Mount Barney just a little south of Beaudesert near the New South Wales border.

There are several farms out this way that have set aside some of their farms for campers and adventurers a like.

This piece of heaven has mountain climbing bush walks heaps of native plants and animals including an abundance of king parrots and another bird species that we have no it is.

The best areas to camp at for all activities are the closest to the mountain it self to get the clearest and wildest waters for fun and games in fast moving water to get some thing floatable to get a wild ride or one or two of the other spots where it slows down for a gentle paddle on an air bed or inner tube with the kids.

The water is clear enough for a snorkel though there are only turtles and a few shrimp and small fish species here to check out when doing that.

The first pic is of some of the mountain landscape west of the camping grounds.

One of the locals out to greet the tourists.

The first calm area near the camping grounds.

The start of the rapids with a gentle water volume.

These are just a few veiws of the rapid areas.

These in the distance are a couple of guys on tire tubes running the rapids.

This is one of the many areas along the river a bit harder for everyone to get to that are excelent for those quiet times for two people to get cosy in the shallow moving water at night with a small light on a hot summers evening,or just a fun spot for every one to go nuts at with friends and alchohole of course,safely!

This is a video of under a small water fall.

This video is of what the water in the rapids was like.


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