Planning of big day out collecting

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Planning of big day out collecting Empty Planning of big day out collecting

Post  liquidg+ on 10th January 2010, 8:59 am

These would be like the bbq boat epic trip,lol,i reckon a big day out with out remaining on the boat just mainly have it parked near by would be the go.

There are a couple of tides suitable one on February 21st and the other on march 7th.

What i reckon would be great is one of these in Feb and one in March and April???

It would be either we get dropped of by Dannys boat if he is okay with that or we hire a boat and all pay their share and have a picnic lunch and some free diving and collecting.

Oh if any one wants to put a tank on and watch us collecting,than why not.

Opinions would be great either at the feb meeting as a lot of the clubbies don't even get on the forum or texting as such,whats the over all concensis????


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