Indian runner duck lives to run another day

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Indian runner duck lives to run another day

Post  liquidg+ on 29th January 2010, 12:03 pm

The area of hilliards creek that we live near here in the bayside of bris,is a very popular duck feeding spot and at times attracts people keen to get rid of a pet duck thats warn out its welcome at home.

These silly people take the duck to where the native ducks congregate and by cuoncil laws these are put down when found.

The problem with them is that they breed with native ducks and ruin the breeds,so the council finds them and either catches them or putts them down is fair enough.

Over the last two yeasr there have been quite a few indian runner ducks the same as in the movie babe and for a while they do okay but over a week or two these not so good swimmers die either by the other ducks beating them sensless or by cats as they dont do well over water like normal ducks.

These ducks are land ducks mainly and when healthy they can run as fast a human more or less.

We had one as a pet for a while and she used to run after me at near my speed at half grown and even faster at adult size until we lost her to a bacterial infection.

I can not recomend them as a pet member of the family more as they are friendly,harmless, eat all bugs galore amd are a watch duck to burglars and unwanted visitors.

Our female one was in love with our jack russel and the poor dog was hounded,lol,by her up till she started producing the enormous amount of eggs these birds pass,infact the highest producer of eggs of all poultry i believe,ours laid one and a half eggs on average a day.

The ones from the creek area have nearly all died over short periods of time but through an enormous amount of chasing we have caught two out of the 7 that have not made it in the wild there over the last two years and found them good homes each time,the scratches,bruises and ticks that came from catching these birds to save them was worth all of it.

This the last one we caught one of the neighbours has taken it in and are very happy with it.

This is it ,very skinny and in bad condition before we caught it.

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