Manta rays,more than one genus.

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Manta rays,more than one genus.

Post  straddy boy on 4th February 2010, 4:02 am

We have in a reasonable abundance out off Brisbane in particular at the group or manta ray bomies cluster of reefs from 5 metres to 20 metres in average depth off Stradbroke Island where many divers get to swim with these at times quite large plankton eaters.

At times there are so many out here that you have to be careful when boating that you don't hit one out off North Stradie.

If you ever want to dive with these winged sea creatures call Ken on 0409489957,he has been taking divers out to the mantas possibly longer than any one here out off Brisbane or try the back packers on Stradie at the manta lodge.

It has mostly been thought that there is only one type of manta ray inhabiting our world and this is not the case.

The Manta birostris is the one you normally see though in the more tropical waters the one you would most likely come across is a slightly smaller and a little different in colour version called alfredi, first noted in 1868.

Also if you are brave enough to endure the colder waters of the Atlantic you may find the other birostris version of these majestic creatures.
Naturally if you only swim in our waters you will only see most likely the ones species birostris,still always good to see and sometimes touch these gentle giants.

Another beautiful place here in the south east, a pic of the manta ray bomies or is called the group featured here from the head land on Stradie.

They are an amazing creature.
Scary in size sought of but quite harmless over all.

An example of the tropican one,manta alfredi.i doubt it would be seen this far south.

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manta rays

Post  shaz on 4th February 2010, 5:49 am

wow what excellent pics of the manatas - Very Happy very cool

i have dived with them off ningalo reef in western australia before awesome experience !


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