Rains wipe out marine life

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Rains wipe out marine life

Post  liquidg on 7th February 2010, 1:24 pm

A memorial may be needed for gold coast marine life forms.

The rains that fell early today and last night of the 6th of February 2010 will have wiped out all the life at all the estuaries on the gold coast including Tallebudgera.
Some aquarium life forms can cope with up to maybe 200 mills in 24 hours at times and the rains were over 300 mils so it is very possible all life has been wiped out in the seaway as well, I have seen this twice before since the seaway was first opened and all those new fish and inverts that have started there over the last 4 months are most likely dead or will be over the next two days of extremely low salinity and very high bacteria levels and very dirty water clogging their gills and inverts basic breathing apparatus as well.

The only thing that may buffer the seaway is the waters in the northern part of south port being moreton bay,fingers crossed,but with these small tides the bay may not help much at all.

It is very sad if this is case as there are billions of beautiful creatures dieing for no good reason as I type this.
Crying or Very sad

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