Abudefduf bengalensis breeding in the wild.

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Abudefduf bengalensis breeding in the wild.

Post  liquidg on 28th February 2010, 11:22 am

This pair featured was spotted on an aandtsociety marine species collecting trip.

The male had cleared a spot for the eggs to be placed on rock facing into the morning sun and the best face of the rock facing the best part of the current, the in coming, with the least obstructions for guarding the eggs, to get the best of everything for their young to get the best survival rate.

These were in just 18 feet of water and he had to do a very good dance and display to get the female to place her eggs in a spot she carefully looked over and him of course as well before she began to lay her eggs there for him to fertilise and look after from there on.

This video is the first of his display to get her to lay her eggs.

This is her finally starting to lay her eggs for him.

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