Sharp park camping in the gold coast hinterland.

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Sharp park camping in the gold coast hinterland.

Post  liquidg on 4th April 2010, 1:20 pm

There are heaps of spots in and around the gold coasts hinterland for water side camping and this one is in the top few and quite friendly.

Itís called Sharp Park on Beechmont road where you turn off Just before Canungra after going through Nerang out west about 15 mins.

There are only toilets,no showers,fires are allowed but you either get a wheel rim off the caretakers and some wood or your own if you wish or bring something like bricks or a metal truck wheel rim or a drum base to contain your camp fire to be able to have that valuable part of camping,the camp fire.

Itís a family type of spot and has lots of room for you to just turn up with a caravan,tent,pop top what ever even at a busy time of year and still find a spot.

The Water way that travels through this land is called the Coomera River,the upper reaches of it and at itís beginingís are very clean and has some nice little rapids for the kids and adults alike to laze in or float along with the current on your canoe or boogie board or anything really.

Some pics to show the beauty and fun here.

This turtle was caught by the families kids in the next camp site at around 8 pm,they came over while we were having a cuppa arounnd the fire to show it off as their big catch,we made a big deal of it for them and took a pic,they were wrapped,they let it go of course but it's good to see them having adventure and learning abit about animal life and the bush.

This is a Tunnel tourist atraction in the area.

This is the texture of the walls inside the tunnel.

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