When registering on the forum.

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When registering on the forum.

Post  Admin on 11th April 2010, 11:27 am

*.Make a email just to use on forums via google mail,or hot mail or what ever,they allow you up to 100 email addresses so you do not let others know your main one,google mail is the easiest especialy if you use the google home page as it is a couple of clicks to go from one email to another that are yours.

*.Set up a word sheet and type onto it firstly your exact email address for use on the forum and than your made up pass word like (28-=//’]qu1bz) ,never use capitals if not using copy and paste, make it a hard password for any one to try and guess it,never use any wording that means anything about your life,sports,names,anything about you,don't use these for passwords

*.Next type your user name as well onto it and than save your pass word and user name and email address sheet into documents in your computer,not onto your desktop,a virus can find it there and call it say, (forum stuff).

On our forum home page.

*.Click on register under the forum main picture at top left after the words Home,FAQ,search.

*.Next step is to click on (agree to these terms).

*.Now you need to put in your user name in the user name box, so highlight your user name off you’re your password and user name word sheet and right click on copy,that click in the user name box and right click paste.

*.Then do the same with your email address and password.

*Do the same again with the confirmation boxe,enter security letters and you are done.

*.Go to your email address and open the email from the forum click on the confirmation link and you are registered.

*.Each and every time you log in or register on forums, use this method of copy and paste as it does not allow hackers or viruses or any one wanting your info to get it easily by having your passwords stream out via a hidden virus you did not know was in your computer.

Any problems email (aandtsociety@gmail.com)

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