Jacobs well &Cabbage tree point for fishing in the south east

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Jacobs well &Cabbage tree point for fishing in the south east

Post  liquidg on 9th May 2010, 8:50 am

Approximately half way from Brisbane’s CBD on the gold coast highway (M1)is the turn off to Jacobs well and cabbage tree point fishing villages on the left at the Stapleton Jacobs creek road.

You turn at the famous Yatala pie when it is on your right coming from Brisbane and head towards the bay through quite a lot of sugar cane farming at times.

The two areas are more so for accessing the fishing spots, one in particular called the jumping pin bar.

When the resort of (tipplers) was in full swing many a boat or jet ski would leave from Jacobs well to have fun in the sun and have a drink or two around the pool.

There are two dive sites out through the jumping pin bar when leaving from Jacobs well and both of those are ship wrecks, one in 45 feet of water to the right approximately 200 metres as you go out through the bar and the other to the left for 2 kilometres in 80 feet of water and is the best one to have a dive on in northerly winds with not to much strength.

The yatala pie shop.

Suger cane country.

Lots of nice park area here.

As you can see there is lots of water ways to use a boat i around here.

The area is a dream to take the boat out at or the kide fishing.

And of course there are always a few locals on hand to watch the busy water ways.

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