Gold coast free dive 29th of may 2010

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Gold coast free dive 29th of may 2010

Post  liquidg on 29th May 2010, 7:28 am

The conditions this day where totally different to what some would expect as the weather was raining solid mostly and a very strong wind that makes the sunshine coast at its best was making things very choppy to say the least.

The rain at times was so strong it could be herd hitting your head as you go along.

The underwater conditions were as expected, perfect, though the weather was so bad there were very few people around at all.

The water temp was 24c the vis 12 to 25 metres,12 on top because of the high volume of fresh and from 4 metres down it was as good as it gets and you could see for ever, well sought of.

Every time you would dive down to have a chase or just look it turned to powder blue water with lots of life and very good water conditions, well in the water any way, lol.

The first two pics are of a 10 to 12 kilo cod that seemed at first a little ticked off with the attention as it was being cleaned and than it was noticed it had a gang hook set up in its fine and gills.

It let the hooks be just touched but that was it and it took off so it could not be helped, in the spots we go to spear this one would be in the bag straight away but here they are not common at this spot unlike most areas and need help with numbers so it was at no risk of harm, not that it knew that.

It followed from one spot to the next for ages maybe wanting help,who knows it wouldnt except it anyway and when a spearo was headed its way it was scared off so it will live to stalk a some collectors another day,lol.

Back it came for a look a few times.

Lucky last look at the humans before it was scared off or it may have been dinner for some one,nice eating the greasy cod.

The surface water that day,yuk!!

The rain from under the water.

A nice tang or two around. This is an olivaceus.

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